Welcome to better

Cerebral helps busy people like you build a connection with an expert therapist around your schedule.

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Welcome to better

Cerebral helps busy people like you build a connection with an expert therapist around your schedule.

First visit with Candace and she was very welcoming and disarming. Offered some preliminary "homework" to make the next session productive and effective. Seems to be an effective listener and someone who can really help me.

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Join the over 35,000 people who use Cerebral to access a community of therapists anytime, anywhere.

Your therapist is part of a robust, collaborative team that shares resources, experiences, and expertise — all dedicated to helping you feel better.

Stress-free scheduling and online sessions mean you’ll never have to take time off work to focus on your mental health.

Get the same value as in-person therapy from the comfort of home. Research shows that online therapy is just as effective, plus it costs less per session.

Switching is easy. If your first therapist isn’t a fit, our team will help you find the right one.

Your therapist can help you with:




Grief / Loss


Family issues


Social anxiety

Relationship issues

Confidence /

Using methods such as:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy

Humanistic therapy

Introspective psychotherapy

Motivational interviewing

Narrative therapy

Person-centered therapy

Solution-focused brief therapy

Strength-based therapy

Grief therapy

And so much more

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Online therapy vs in-person therapy

One monthly price

100% Online

Over 80% of members can have their initial visit within five days of singing up

No traveling to visits needed

Time saved so you can focus on you

Varying price

Less convenient

Inconsistent therapist availability — an initial visit can take months

Commuting time adds up

Taking time away from work or other priorities

In-person Therapy

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Your mental health on your time

Cerebral online therapy works around hectic schedules, long commutes, childcare, mobility issues, and last-minute meetings — so you can focus on you.
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Your Cerebral therapist uses evidence-based treatment and collaborative care to help you manage whatever life throws your way. 

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Our community of therapists is here for you every step of the way. You don’t have to stick with the first therapist you see. We’ll work together to help you connect with someone who makes you feel comfortable.

Cerebral Therapist

Wahid Shabazz

Wahid Shabazz is a Registered Associate Therapist with over 27 years experience helping patients deal with issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, incarceration, and difficulty navigating through life. Wahid operates with a strong sense of passion and professionalism for helping clients help themselves to maintain health, wellness, balance, and resiliency.

Cerebral Therapist

Tristine Barry 

Tristine Barry is a registered mental health counselor intern. She has more than a decade of experience in mental health and substance abuse counseling. She also has experience in modalities such as motivational interviewing and enhancement, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more. She believes in the power of hope, encouragement, and positive, gradual change.

Cerebral Therapist

Stephanie Novak

Stephanie Novak is a Licensed Professional Counselor who uses an eclectic and client-centered approach with interventions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy. She has experience working with children, teens, adults, and families who need support after experiencing a crisis, are affected by substance abuse, or are managing a new diagnosis.


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